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The Drink: SUSHISAMBA’s Lychee Cooler


You don’t need to be on vacation to treat yourself to a tropical refreshment. Thanks to mixologist Richard Woods at SUSHISAMBA in New York's West Village, you can enjoy one of these light libations surrounded by the lush greenery and beautiful patio of SUSHISAMBA too. Either way, it's a win.

Woods described his inspiration for the drink:

"I wanted to capture the popularity of the Pina Colada whilst creating a brand specific drink, the Lychee Cooler was created. But not satisfied with a simple recreation, I looked at how the drink could be better. Make it lighter, fresher, more complex. It's all about balance - an integral ingredient but one that you will never find listed in any recipe sheet."

SUSHISAMBA's Lychee Cooler


1oz Grey Goose

1oz St Germaine

1.5oz Lychee juice

0.5oz Vanilla Syrup

1oz Coco Lopez

1oz Bitter Lemon

Fill the glass with cubed ice and shake with all ingredients but the bitter lemon. Strain into a sling glass, and top with bitter lemon, lychee, upside down bamboo leaf, and large mint sprig.

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